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6 Essential Bar Supplies That Every Restaurant Needs

10 Aug 2017, 3:52 PM

6 Essential Bar Supplies
That Every Restaurant Needs

The bar is one of the most important assets you'll have within your restaurant, because after all, when was the last time you saw somebody dining without a drink? Its success will depend on the bar supplies and equipment you have available. Here are some of the most simple, yet most important ones to have:

Ice Buckets
And Crushers

If you're serving cold drinks (which we assume you are!) You'll almost certainly need ice. Invest in a high-quality ice maker and use an ice bucket with a lid to provide easy access to ice from various points around the bar. If you're offering cocktails such as the Mojito, a manual ice crusher will also come in handy!

Glassware Racks

It's no secret that wine goes well with food. Organise your wine glasses neatly on a glass hanging rack and have your bottles on display to encourage customers to purchase. Using this approach will not only create a great visual display, but will also speed up general cleaning!


These are an ideal place to store sliced fruit when preparing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For ultimate freshness, use a condiment dispenser that has space for a re-freezable ice pack to keep the contents cool.

Wine & Champagne

Since the comeback of Prosecco is in full swing, you should ensure you have enough champagne buckets on hand to ensure that nobody's fizz goes warm! They're available in various sizes and can hold up to 3 bottles each, making them perfect for large groups.

Mixing Tools

If you're planning on becoming the best place in town for cocktail flairing, there are a few essential items you'll need to have handy! Make sure you have a fancy cocktail shaker, mixing spoons, a measurer and a strainer. You can often purchase these items as part of a professional cocktail making set.

Speedy Storage

A high quality speed rail on a busy night could just be your saviour! Use it to store you most popular or 'house' spirits for easy access at peak times. Colour coded juice pourers are ideal for the preservation of and easy access to fresh juice and mixers.
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