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A Guide to Commercial Cooking Equipment

30 Apr 2020, 5:28 PM

A guide
to commercial
cooking equipment

Commercial cooking equipment has to be able to withstand the wear, tear and ongoing damage of a busy commercial kitchen. It needs to be tougher than the equipment used in your average household kitchen. It also has to be able to cope with much larger quantities of food. They have to be reliable and able to cater to a steady stream of customers. They are used for much longer periods than the equipment found in your average home kitchen. As a result, commercial cooking equipment is usually manufactured to a much higher standard.

Here's a brief guide to some of the main categories of commercial cooking equipment.

microwave ovens

While some catering businesses persist in trying to use regular microwaves there are key advantages to using commercial models. They are constructed differently to domestic microwaves and able to cope with heavier usage and large quantities. They have more power settings. A domestic microwave usually has a maximum power of 900 watts. A commercial microwave has up to 2000 watts. They don't have a turntable, instead, the heat is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout. Commercial microwave ovens are constructed out of harder wearing materials than domestic options. Domestic microwaves may be cheaper but will wear out much sooner if used in a commercial setting meaning they will need to be replaced more often.

Pizza ovens

Cooking a pizza quickly, evenly and efficiently can be tricky. A commercial pizza oven makes the process less haphazard. Either gas or electric, they are designed for daily commercial use and can cook all kinds of pizza to a consistent standard.

Free standing fryers

With sturdy commercial construction and a large frying capacity, free standing fryers are designed to bulk fry in large quantities. Whether it's chips, fish, tempura or chicken they should leave food golden and crispy. They're sometimes fitted with filtration units in the base that allow you to remove the debris from cooking oil. Powerful gas burners mean that they are ideal for everyday use in demanding commercial kitchens. These are usually the choice for larger kitchens where bulk quantities are fried on a daily basis.

Counter top fryers

Smaller in size than free standing fryers they are designed to be placed on a counter or kitchen worktop and are available with single or double frying units. Combining compact size with a decent capacity they are perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium.

Induction fryers

These utilise the latest induction technology and are designed to maximise the efficiency of the unit. They help reduce running costs and are generally easier to clean. They're available in freestanding and countertop options.

Boiling rings,
tables and hobs

Commercial hobs have to be able to withstand consistent and varied use in a busy kitchen. Available as a counter top or freestanding option they can be used for all kinds of culinary tasks be it frying steaks, making soup or stock, or steaming vegetables. With cast-iron support for large pans and stockpots, they offer a more stable surface than their domestic cousins.

Gas and electric
ovens and ranges

The heart of the commercial kitchen. These work engines are where most of the cooking takes place. As a result, they have to be powerful, large enough to cope with catering quantities, hardwearing and above all else dependable. It's one piece of kitchen equipment that you really cannot manage without. Single and double door options are available, some come with gas hob burners of a professional grade and high-quality griddles. Gas and electric options are available. Gas offers you an instant powerful cooking flame and cools down quickly after use. Electric heat is more consistent, the upfront costs are less and installation is easier.

Convection ovens

These versatile ovens have a wide range of culinary applications. They're perfect for pastries, pies and bread. Heat is spread evenly throughout the oven to ensure a consistent, browned finish.

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