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A Quick Guide To Handling Knives Safely In The Kitchen

14 Jul 2020, 6:11 PM

A quick guide to
handling knives safely
in the kitchen

Whether you run or work in a commercial kitchen, safety is absolutely crucial. Next to getting the best equipment, staff and produce, it is something that all professional kitchens must pay attention too. Of course, there are many facets to this, from proper food hygiene standards to regular deep cleaning.

One of the most important things for day to day safety in any commercial kitchen is making sure professional kitchen knives are handled safely. Whether you are the chef in charge or the restaurant owner, making sure everyone knows about this is essential.

But what sort of thing should everyone be aware of when it comes to knife safety?

1. Always carry them point down

One of the most basic tips is to simply carry knives point down when moving about your kitchen. If you or your kitchen staff walk around with point up knives, it really is an accident waiting to happen. When the point is up, it is too easy for someone to turn into its path without knowing or for whoever is carrying it to catch someone by accident. On the other hand, carrying knives point down means that no-one will be cut if they happen to walk into the knife or get caught by it.

2. don't rush around with knives

We all know that commercial kitchens are busy places at the best of times. When service is in full flow though, the pressure to get food out to the right standard is huge. Despite this though, you or your staff should never be rushing around the kitchen with a knife in their hand. Ideally, you should put the knife down when not using it and then move. If you are moving about with your knife though, go slow and steady to avoid injuries.

3. Focus when using them

Perhaps the biggest reason that knife injuries happen in professional kitchens is lack of attention when cutting. As above, this can be easily done when in the white heat of service. Getting distracted from the job in hand though can see you slip and cutting yourself, rather than the food. Avoiding common injuries like this can be done by focusing properly when cutting food and stopping if you need to attend to something else for a moment.

4. Keep them sharp

All top chefs and restaurant owners know that sharp kitchen knives are actually safer. Blunt knives require you to apply more force when cutting which is not ideal. Applying more force can lead to you slipping when chopping food and then cutting yourself. Keep your knives sharp with a knife sharpener, such as a stone or steel, to make food easier to slice through.

5. Be careful when washing them up

Of course, a major part of any commercial kitchen is keeping plates, pans, cutlery and knives clean. It is very important to wash your knives when finished with them so they stay in the best shape. Be careful when doing this though - the sharp blades can easily cut you if you are not focusing properly. You should also never leave them to soak in a sink full of soapy water. If someone else comes along and puts their hand in the water without knowing they are in there, they could cut themselves.

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