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A Restaurateur's Guide To Display Fridges And Freezers

13 Jan 2021, 4:36 PM

A Restaurateur's Guide to Display Fridges and Freezers

The food on offer at your restaurant has been made with care, time and effort. You're proud of what you produce, so why not show it off in the most stylish - not to mention efficient and cost-effective - way possible? Restaurant Supply Store offers a huge range of display fridges for the hospitality sector; but which one is the best choice for your business?

This article will guide you through the wide variety of display fridges and freezers on offer at Restaurant Supply Store, and will offer you some assistance in terms of which type is best for your restaurant or bar, along with each one's purpose and benefits. We intend to do the comparisons for you, so all that's left for you to do is choose between your favourites!

The sheer amount of different types of display fridges and freezers might seem overwhelming... but please don't fear, we're here to help. Below are some of the main contenders that we supply to the hospitality sector.

These are essential for any store aiming to attract front of house customers. Choose between over-the-counter or self-service; single or multi-deck; compact, slimline and even sushi cases. The wide range of shapes and sizes available means you're certain to find the perfect product to fit your space.

Display Freezers:
These stylish yet functional display freezers are suitable for a wide variety of applications, from food and drink storage to ice cream displays. Choose between a chest freezer, an upright model; or, if ice cream is your speciality, you could opt for the 'Crystal Venus Elegante', specifically designed for ice cream display.

Beer Fridges:
With the huge influx of bottled craft beer in recent years, it's more important than ever to display all the beers you have on offer for the whole world to see! Start with the single-hinged 150-litre Gamko bottle cooler, or if beer is your bag, go bigger with Gamko's 315-litre triple-hinged model.

One of the latest in the established True range is the Mobile Direct Draw Keg Chiller and Dispenser. Its features include Underbar Refrigeration, stainless steel exterior, and a stainless steel insulated beer column which reduces foaming and maximises draft beer profits. This model from our selection of True beer fridges is currently reduced by a huge 47%!

Wine Chillers:
Not only does a wine display fridge need to be functional, it also needs to emphasise the aesthetics of the wine. With all of the beautiful bottles available, it would be a crime to keep them hidden away! Whether you want a humble chiller with a capacity of 11 bottles, or you mean serious business with a 155-bottler, we've got you covered. You can opt to keep your wine fridge behind the scenes, but with the gorgeous designs available, we recommend putting them front of house. There are few things more tempting than a perfectly chilled bottle of wine.

Glass Frosters:
Speaking of temptation... Another thing guaranteed to give you happy customers is a beautiful frosted glass for their favourite cocktail. Presentation really is everything, and the glass frosters available on our website are just what you need to add those finishing touches. Go for the Frucosol individual glass froster, or go for the display fridge style and show off those beautifully frosted glasses.

Serve Over Counter:
A serve over the counter fridge is a great way to professionally present your products and therefore maximise sales. These are a great choice if you wish to have the flexibility to operate an assisted service solution. They are usually quite large and likely to draw the attention of customers so it is essential that they have a sleek and professional appearance. When choosing a serve over the counter fridge it is essential to also consider the size and temperature range that will best suit your needs. Many serve over counter fridges will offer the option for upper display shelves or undercounted storage to allow for easy and efficient re-stocking during busy times.

Multideck Displays:
These open-fronted multideck display fridges allow customers to pick their chilled products directly off the shelves. While a serve over counter is designed for assisted service these multideck displays are specifically for the purpose of a self-service.

This fridge is a great way to draw in customers and increase sales of your chilled products.

which brands do we recommend

True Display Fridges: The tried and tested True brand offers a vast range of products to suit any establishment; whether you need to kit out a supermarket, want a grab-and-go option for a café, or need a sleek and stylish display fridge for the finest winery, True has you covered. Not only are True's products made with elegance and precision, they also deliver cost-effective, energy-efficient temperature control. The latest products in True's range feature environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigeration systems and LED lighting. True's products are an investment not only in your business, but in our environment, and will ultimately save you money on utility costs in the long-run.

over to you...

These are only a few key examples of our expansive product range. To really find the right product for you, visit our website to find our full product catalogue. You are also welcome to contact us for advice, and we will be more than happy to discuss potential options with you. As you'll see on our website, we regularly have some excellent discounts and savings, meaning it's even easier to invest in long-lasting, functional products for your business. We offer next-day UK delivery from £6.95 (+vat), and as for our exemplary customer service, you can see it for yourself with our customer testimonials!

We know how important the hospitality sector is, especially in these difficult times. Our job is to help your business to be the best it can be, and we believe that starts with stylish, affordable equipment that you can rely on.

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