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Chain Door Fly Screen

Highlights: Fits doors up to 900mm wide
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The chain door fly screen fits doors up to 90cm wide for effective pest control, stopping flies and insects from flying into food preparation and kitchen areas. Made from anodised aluminium, this fly screen is an effective barrier against flying insects that is comfortable to walk through and allows flow of air into hot kitchens.

What Is A Chain Fly Screen?

A chain fly screen, also known as a chain door curtain, is a fixture designed to keep flies out of your rooms. This fly screen features a series of strong, anodised aluminium chain links that prevent insects from flying into your food preparation areas, while still allowing easy passage for staff and an effective air flow.

How To Install A Chain Fly Screen

This chain fly screen can be installed in three simple steps:

1. Remove the fly screen from its packaging and lay out flat in front of you.

2. Measure the width and length of the doorway you wish to install the screen over. Make sure the screen sufficiently covers the required area. If the screen is too large in width, simply cut the extrusion to your requirement. If it's too large in length, simply remove some of the chain links.

3. Install the supplied fixing hooks level and evenly placed to your doorway. Now hang the chain fly screen on the hooks over the doorway. You should always allow the chain to hang 2-3 cm from the floor in order for it to move freely and not be stood on.

  • Dimensions 1950(H) x 900(W)mm
  • Material Anodised aluminium, grey finish
  • Weight 6kg
  • Fits doors up to 900mm wide
  • Trim down to door size required
  • Comfortable to walk through
  • Allows flow of air into hot kitchens

Chain Door Fly Screen

Chain Door Fly Screen
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