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Commercial Food Prep Machines Buying Guide

1 Dec 2023, 1:27 PM

Commercial Food Prep Machines:
Buying Guide

In today's bustling food service industry, efficiency and consistency are the golden standards. Central to achieving these standards in any successful commercial kitchen is the selection of appropriate food preparation machines

These invaluable tools are specifically engineered to handle a variety of tasks, enabling chefs and kitchen staff to focus on crafting exceptional dishes rather than getting caught up in repetitive and time-consuming prep work. This buying guide is designed to navigate you through the diverse landscape of commercial food prep machines available, offering insights into the different types and their respective functions. 

Whether you are launching a new restaurant, modernising a catering operation, or expanding a bakery, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge you need to select machines that will seamlessly integrate into your workflow and elevate your culinary creations.

Dessert-Making Machines

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate Fountains are a spectacular addition to any restaurant or catering event, combining both function and flair. These elegant machines consist of a heated base that melts chocolate, and a tower that allows the melted chocolate to flow in a continuous, cascading stream, creating a mesmerising waterfall effect. Guests can dip a variety of treats, such as fruits, marshmallows, and pretzels, into the flowing chocolate, adding a fun and interactive element to the dining experience. For restaurants, a chocolate fountain serves not only as a dessert station but also as a visual centrepiece, captivating customers' attention and adding a touch of luxury and indulgence to any setting. It’s a statement piece that promises enjoyment and memorable moments, making it a popular choice for enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

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Ice Cream Machines

Adding ice cream to your menu can be a game-changer for any restaurant, café, or dessert parlour. Ice cream machines are designed to consistently produce smooth and creamy frozen treats, offering a delightful end to a meal or a standalone sweet indulgence. These machines come in various sizes, styles, and capacities, making it easy to find a model that fits your business’s needs and budget. 

Whether you are considering introducing a few new flavours to your dessert offerings or starting a fresh ice cream venture, investing in a high-quality ice cream machine is a pivotal step toward serving delectable, crowd-pleasing desserts that stand the test of time.

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Food Processing Equipment

Food Processors & Veg Prep

Food Processors & Veg Prep

Food Processors are a cornerstone in the modern kitchen, acting as versatile and time-saving tools for eateries of all sizes. With the ability to chop, slice, shred, grind, and puree, these machines are essential for a wide variety of food preparation tasks. They enable chefs to quickly and efficiently handle large volumes of ingredients, ensuring consistent results that contribute to the overall quality of dishes. For restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments, a food processor is more than just a convenience—it’s a key player in streamlining kitchen operations. By automating repetitive tasks, these machines allow staff to focus on crafting exceptional meals, ultimately enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Potato Chippers & Peelers

Potato Chippers & Peelers

Another pair of indispensable tools for any high-volume, fast-paced kitchen environment are potato chippers and peelers. Significantly faster and more convenient than their manual counterparts, these electric machines streamline the laborious task of preparing potatoes, one of the most commonly used ingredients in various cuisines. Potato peelers effortlessly remove the skin from potatoes, while chippers precisely cut them into consistent shapes and sizes, ideal for fries, wedges, or other potato dishes. For in-demand catering services, restaurants, and other food establishments that need food prepared quickly and efficiently, investing in a quality potato chipper and peeler is a practical move toward optimising kitchen operations and meeting customer expectations.

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Slicers & Graters

Slicers & Graters

Slicers and graters are essential tools that significantly enhance efficiency in the kitchen. These machines are particularly adept at handling tasks like grating cheese to the perfect consistency or slicing meats to precise thicknesses, all with minimal effort. Beyond cheese and meat, they can also effortlessly process a wide array of other ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and bread, thus offering great versatility. Designed to save time and speed up operations, these electric machines are ideal for supermarkets, delis, and restaurants that deal with large volumes of food preparation daily. By reducing manual labour and cutting prep time, slicers and graters prove to be invaluable in maintaining a smooth and productive kitchen environment.

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Meat Processing Equipment



Mincers are an essential tool for any kitchen aiming to create quality meat products with a touch of homemade authenticity. These robust and durable machines are capable of grinding all sorts of meat—from coarse to fine—providing chefs with the precise texture needed for crafting delicious hamburgers, sausages, and pâtés. 

By processing their own meat, restaurants and caterers can ensure freshness, control the quality of the ingredients, and tailor the flavour profiles to their exact specifications. This not only elevates the taste of the dishes but also adds a unique selling point for the business, as customers increasingly appreciate and seek out establishments offering house-made, authentic culinary experiences.

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Sausage & Hamburger Machines

Sausage and hamburger machines are specialised equipment designed to streamline the production of two of the most beloved meat products around the world. For sausages, these machines efficiently stuff seasoned meat into casings, producing uniform and perfectly shaped sausages ready for cooking or smoking. 

For hamburgers, they swiftly shape ground meat into consistent, perfectly round patties. These machines are invaluable for restaurants, butchers, and delis that pride themselves on serving house-made sausages and burgers. By using these machines, businesses can ensure that their products are of consistent size and quality, saving valuable prep time while allowing for customization and control over the ingredients and final product.

Browse Hamburger Machines
Sausage & Hamburger Machines

Juice Extractors

Juice Extractors

Imagine crafting vibrant, healthful beverages and sauces that set your establishment apart. A commercial juice extractor turns this vision into reality. With the simple press of a lever, these machines transform whole fruits and vegetables into pure, nutrient-rich juices and purees. 

These can be the secret behind a zesty house-made salad dressing, the foundation for a refreshing cold-pressed juice menu, or the key to a signature cocktail. Beyond beverages and sauces, they're also a gateway to creative culinary applications like vibrant sorbets and rich soups.

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Preservation Equipment


Dehydrators are important tools in a modern restaurant's kitchen, designed to remove moisture from various types of food through controlled and even airflow at low temperatures. This process not only preserves the food, extending its shelf life but also intensifies its flavour and creates unique textures. Restaurants use dehydrators for crafting house-made fruit and vegetable chips, herbs, jerky, and artisanal crackers, as well as for more sophisticated culinary techniques like making intensely flavoured dried tomatoes or fruit leathers for garnishes. By offering chefs the ability to transform fresh produce into novel and concentrated forms, dehydrators open up a world of creative possibilities, allowing for distinctive, house-made components that can set a restaurant’s menu apart.

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Vacuum Pack Machines

In the quest for optimal food preservation and waste reduction, vacuum pack machines emerge as a chef's reliable ally. These devices ingeniously extend the shelf life of ingredients by removing air from the package and creating a tight seal, thereby slowing the oxidation process. 

Not only do these machines keep food fresher for longer, but they also make bulk buying and advanced preparation more practical—factors that can significantly reduce costs.

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Pasta Makers

Pasta Makers

Nothing compares to the taste and texture of fresh, house-made pasta, and pasta makers are the key to unlocking this culinary delight. These versatile machines come with a variety of dies, enabling chefs to craft everything from fusilli's delightful spirals to tagliatelle’s classic ribbons and penne’s signature tubes. 

By making pasta in-house, restaurants not only elevate the dining experience but also gain complete control over the ingredients—ideal for catering to guests with specific dietary needs. A pasta maker doesn't just produce food; it crafts an experience, inviting diners to savour the tradition and authenticity that only fresh pasta can deliver.

Browse Pasta Makers

Electric Salad Spinners

Electric salad spinners are a boon for any restaurant aiming to serve crisp, fresh salads without the labour-intensive process of manual drying. These efficient machines use centrifugal force to quickly and effectively remove excess water from washed greens, ensuring that salads are served at their freshest and dressings adhere perfectly. 

Available in a variety of capacities, including 6kg and 12kg options, these spinners can accommodate the demands of both small bistros and bustling eateries. By speeding up the salad preparation process and promoting a higher standard of food quality, electric salad spinners are a smart addition to any professional kitchen.

Browse Electric Salad Spinners
Electric Salad Spinners

Growing Cabinets

Growing Cabinets

Growing cabinets are an innovative solution for cultivating fresh produce right in the heart of a kitchen. These cabinets utilise hydroponic systems, delivering water and nutrients directly to plants’ roots, and are designed to create optimal growing conditions for various types of crops. With smart technology at their core, they are equipped with environmental sensors that continuously monitor conditions like temperature and humidity. 

High-definition cameras track plant growth, allowing chefs to observe progress without opening the cabinet. This data is often analysed through cloud-based platforms, which can adjust the cabinet's settings in real-time to optimise plant growth. 

Additionally, integrated LED lighting systems with specific wavelengths encourage robust, healthy plant development, and user-friendly apps provide chefs with notifications, growing tips, and harvest timelines, making these cabinets a seamless and efficient addition to any culinary operation.

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Mixing & Dough Preparation


Food mixers are the silent workhorses of a restaurant’s kitchen, providing consistent and efficient assistance with a multitude of tasks. From blending dough for a perfect loaf of bread to whipping cream into a light and airy delight, their capabilities are vast. 

These machines are designed to handle mixing, folding, beating, and whipping ingredients, reducing manual labour and ensuring a uniform result every time. With various attachments and settings available, food mixers can adapt to the task at hand, whether it’s gently folding delicate batters or vigorously kneading tough dough.

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Dough Shapers

Dough shapers are a game-changer in the world of baking and pastry, streamlining the process of forming dough into consistent, precise shapes. Whether crafting artisan loaves, perfect pizza bases, or delicate pastry shells, these machines take the guesswork and manual labour out of shaping. They work by gently and uniformly pressing dough into the desired form without overworking it, which helps to maintain its texture and integrity. For busy commercial kitchens, dough shapers are a time-saving marvel; they significantly speed up production while ensuring that each piece of dough is shaped to perfection.

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Spice Grinders

Spice grinders are essential tools in the modern kitchen, enabling chefs to unlock the freshest, most vibrant flavours in their dishes. Compact and stylish, these devices can efficiently grind whole spices such as peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, and coriander seeds, transforming them into fine, aromatic powders.

This freshly ground spice not only adds a significant depth of flavour that pre-ground spices can't match, but it also allows for precise control over the coarseness of the grind, enabling chefs to tailor textures and flavours to specific dishes.

Browse Spice Grinders
Spice Grinders

Invest In Food Preparation Machines For Your Business

Overall, there is a range of food machines that can be beneficial for your business. From dessert machines to preservation and processing equipment, there are a range of options available to ensure an efficient and streamlined operation. 

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, we have many years experience procuring goods and services in the Hospitality sector and we can source a competitive price for just about anything you may require for your restaurant. For that reason do contact us with any purchasing requirement and we’ll do our very best to help you get the best deal possible.

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