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Restaurant Crockery
Restaurant Crockery

Restaurant Crockery

The crockery on offer sets the tone for a restaurant. The design, look, colour and even size of this tableware helps define the image of your restaurant, and we have a diverse selection to cater for every style and need.

Your chef produces culinary delights every day. But those efforts can fall just short of genius is they are not served in a fitting fashion. Presentation is the key to a diner’s heart – and with our help, you will get the first-impressions spot-on, while letting the wonderful food itself do the talking!

Explore popular brands, such as Dudson and Steelite, along with a dazzling other world of Churchill selections. We have ranges from right across the price spectrum, from budget bargains to high-end sophistication, so whatever your budget may be, Restaurant Supply Store has suggestions to match.

Most dining establishments opt for white crockery, due to its versatile neutrality, and for these customers, we have a veritable universe of style to choose from. For those wishing for colour, we have plenty to offer as well.

Need help with choosing the correct crockery sizing for your establishment? No restauranteur should be without our useful Size Guide, which will clear up any lingering questions relating to plate sizes and steer you towards the best decision for your restaurant.

Whether you need to top-up your existing reserves, or require a full-scale kit-out for a refurbishment project, we're here to help. Let us know your requirements, and we will endeavour to meet and satisfy your wishes.

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