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Design Tips For Your Restaurant's Outdoor Space

10 Sep 2020, 3:55 PM

Design Tips for Your Restaurant's Outdoor Space

With social distancing rules meaning strict limits to indoor service, now, more than ever, restaurants need to make the most of their outdoor space. But rather than see this as a setback, hospitality bosses should see this as a fantastic opportunity for their bar or eatery to capitalise on their alfresco dining potential.

With the perfect lighting, a few decorative touches and the right outdoor restaurant furniture, youíll soon be wondering why you didnít transform your outdoor space sooner! Here are some easy yet effective ways you can create the perfect alfresco dining experience for your restaurant.

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Choose the right outdoor restaurant furniture for your space

When considering your outdoor furniture, above all, you need to make sure it is functional yet comfortable.

The comfort of your guests is of course paramount. You want to make eating outside an enjoyable experience for your guests, so ensure that your chairs lend themselves to unhurried and leisurely dining. But you also need to consider your staff who will be arranging the furniture. It is very unlikely you will store your restaurant furniture outside, so it needs to be light enough to be moved regularly and ideally stackable to save on space.

Bolero chairs

Bolero chairs are a fantastic option if you want to keep both your guests and staff happy. Their ergonomic shape will enhance your guestsí visit and their stackable design allows for a quick and efficient closing at the end of the night.

Picnic Benches

If you want to remove the challenge of storing your outdoor restaurant furniture altogether, you should consider picnic benches for your space. Picnic benches are incredibly durable and heavy, so you can leave them outside during all seasons without having to worry about expensive accidents caused by strong gusts of wind.

Make your space season-proof

The UK is no stranger to changeable weather. One minute we can be basking in glorious sunshine and the next weíre running to escape a downpour. Thatís why your outdoor restaurant space needs to be able to handle everything the elements throw at it.

If you have a large space, parasols or stylish gazebos are great options as they protect your guests from both intense sunshine and unexpected showers. The versatility of parasols means that they can be moved around to suit your needs or brought out at the request of your guests.

If you have a smaller space or are planning to position outdoor tables near to your restaurant, then consider an awning. Not only do they look attractive, but theyíre also incredibly easy to use as you can retract or extend them to suit the conditions.

Outdoor heaters are also a must to make sure that your outdoor area is a viable option all year round. Choose an infrared patio heater that you can attach to walls or awnings if you want something small and discreet that doesnít distract from your decor. Or you could go for flame heaters for a more extravagant option that will add to the ambience of your space.

Donít underestimate the power of good lighting

Lighting can often be the first thing that captures the attention of your customer so you need to make sure that it creates an atmosphere that reflects your brand. String lighting is very romantic and on-trend right now and itís also pretty cost-effective. Try placing waves of bulbs above your tables to create an intimate and idyllic glow that will encourage your guests to linger long after the sun has gone down.

You can also use lighting to exaggerate natural features such as wrapping fairy lights around tree trunks and branches for a really magical look.

Make sure your outdoor space reflects your brand

Itís important that your outdoor space feels like an extension of your indoor restaurant rather than just an added-on afterthought. Make sure your colour scheme and aesthetic transfers over seamlessly by carefully considering your soft furnishing and decorative pieces. You should also consider the importance of nature when it comes to the appeal of alfresco dining. Emphasise this with some well-placed planters and shrubs.

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