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Don't Cut Corners If You Are Trying To Make A Statement

6 Oct 2016, 4:24 PM

Diners don't often think about the cutlery they use in restaurants, but if you ask anyone to think about experiences of eating out, most people would invariably say that the higher the quality of the restaurant, the better standard the cutlery should be.

Whether we realise it at the time or not, cutlery adds to our dining experience.

The weight of a fork and the shape of a knife handle in your palm makes a difference to the way you feel about your food and your surroundings.

Yes, there is a place for plastic cutlery - usually at a picnic or a barbecue - but if you want to make an impression and send out a signal of quality, statement pieces of cutlery only serve to enhance a table setting.

Many people can also be a little intimidated by the range of different types of cutlery available - especially the matter of which to use for which course. Formal dining, where all cutlery is laid out in front of the diner before any food is served, can add to this, but a good restaurant cutlery style can help the diner.

A range of high quality cutlery (which includes the full range of knives, from butter knives, dinner knives through to fish knives and steak knives) not only helps a diner anticipate what courses they'll be eating, but are also designed to make eating easier and more pleasurable. 

A suitably-sharp steak knife, for example, is ready to do the job of slicing a steak prepared exactly to the customer's liking, with a minimum of effort, and is therefore an essential for a high quality restaurant. A blunt knife in the same situation is not only irritating, but can be detrimental to the entire dining experience.

The same can be said of soup spoons.

A good soup spoon should have a deep enough well to hold the liquid easily. We have all been the victim of soup spilling from the edges of a re-appropriated tablespoon, which has simply not been designed to do the job.

The purchasing of commercial-standard cutlery, therefore, needs to be done not only with the quality of the restaurant in mind, but also to reflect the restaurant menu. Consider the food you plan to serve, how you wish to present it and how you want it to be eaten. Before your purchase, you should see if you have the right type of cutlery and the right amount, to ensure that the dining experience you aim to achieve can be realised. There is little point in preparing a tall ice cream sundae if you plan to serve it with a tea spoon!

Whether customers appreciate it or not, cutlery can make or break a meal.

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