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Eco Cap Type 1 Two-Prong Urinal Caps (4 Pack)

Highlights: Pack Quantity: 4   For Centre-Waste Urinals
Code: R-DC217
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Keep your urinals running smoothly, hygienically and sustainably with this pack of 4 x Eco Cap Type 1 two-prong urinal caps. Each cap contains billions of naturally occurring bacteria that release into your urinals to break down uric scale, limescale, fat and solids. This not only keeps your pipework clean, hygienic and free from costly blockages, but also helps to fight bad odours in your washrooms.

By using bacteria to clean and eliminate build-ups with minimal water usage, these caps can also reduce urinal flushes to as little as two a day. This will significantly cut your water consumption to save you money and minimise your environmental impact.

With each cap designed to last for up to 30 days, these urinal devices offer a fantastic cost-per-use and will give you huge financial savings in the long run.

  • Dimensions 75(H) x 60(W) x 60(D) mm
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Weight 53.8g
  • Colour White
  • Uses bacteria to break down fat, uric scale and solids in urinals waste traps and pipes
  • The biological technology keeps pipes clean, hygienic and free flowing
  • The caps' vents ensure optimal distribution of friendly bacteria
  • Helps to eliminate bad odours and expensive blockages
  • Installing the Eco Cap means your urinals only require 2 flushes every 24 hours
  • The water-saving design cuts costs and reduces your environmental impact
  • The cap also prevents debris from entering pipes and causing blockages
  • Each cap will treat a urinal for 30 days
  • The caps are easy to install
  • The two-pronged cap retrofits most central-waste flushable urinals without the need for alterations
  • Features robust yet flexible prongs

Eco Cap Type 1 Two-Prong Urinal Caps (4 Pack)

Eco Cap Type 1 Two-Prong Urinal Caps (4 Pack)
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