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Essential Supplies For A ‍Fully Stocked Bar

17 Mar 2020, 4:30 PM

Essential Supplies for a
Fully Stocked Bar

Setting up a fully working bar is fun but it presents an interesting challenge. With so much to sort out, you can often feel like your to do list just keeps getting longer! With so many different things to focus on, it’s easy to get off-track and lose sight of the most important part of managing a well run bar, and that’s having the right supplies. Having the right bar supplies ensures, at the bare minimum, that customers get what they’re expecting and that staff have the tools needed to perform. But what are the real key pieces of kit you should be considering?

Glassware Racks

You will already know that bar glasses are key to your operation - it would be hard to serve drinks without them after all! But it is not only the glassware itself that is key. You should also factor in buying glassware racks to hold wine or hurricane glasses. These handy racks will not only keep them safely stored out of the way until you need them but also make glasses easier to reach quickly. Racks like this are simple to fit and relatively inexpensive as well.

Spirit measures

Another essential when it comes to bar equipment is spirit measures. These are a must so that your bar complies with relevant UK laws on the serving of spirits and your customers can be sure of getting the amount ordered in their drinks. Most spirit measures (or optics as they can also be called) allow you to serve a 25ml or 35ml measure of any given spirit per serving. It is wise to choose ones with lens fronted designs and a smooth action as they are simpler to operate for staff.

Purees and syrups

Cocktails are big business when running a bar and customers now expect you to have the right products in to serve them. This means that bar mixers and syrups are vital in terms of bar supplies. Having a good selection of both will enable you to serve customers the drink they like and offer more choice to people. There is a wide range to choose from here so you can easily set a cocktail menu and then buy the supplies needed. From syrups in flavours like banana to mango purees and coconut cream, they enable you to liven up the drinks you serve while encouraging bar staff to get creative.

Wine and champagne buckets

Any fully working bar needs to have a supply of champagne and wine buckets ready to use. Many people will choose to order white wine or champagne by the bottle and expect you to have something ready to keep it chilled. Stylish buckets like this also look great when in use and help give your overall décor a chic uplift. The great news is that these supplies come in a wide range of colours and materials. From acrylic black buckets to stainless steel ones, you will also love the different shapes to choose from as well.

Ice scoops

A bar ice scoop is an often forgotten but vital piece of equipment for your bar. They allow you to easily and hygienically place ice in drinks or wine buckets when required. Without an ice scoop on hand, your staff will struggle to perform this basic yet essential function. Luckily, ice scoops are not only easy to find but also pretty inexpensive. It is wise to look for hard-wearing stainless steel choices and those with longer piped handles for extra insulation.

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