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Financing Large Purchases - Your Buy Now Pay Later Options

5 Mar 2024, 2:44 PM

Financing Large Purchases - Your Buy Now Pay Later Options

Managing cash flow and financing large purchases can be a challenge for both consumers and companies. Enter Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). BNPL offers a flexible way to spread out the cost of major purchases, making it easier to manage budgets without the immediate financial strain. This article explores an array of BNPL options we offer here at Restaurant Supply Store tailored specifically for Limited Companies and Consumers.

For Limited Companies
For Everyone
Pay in 3 monthly instalments interest free
Pay in 12 monthly instalments at 3.33%
Available on orders up to £15,000
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PayPal Pay in 3
Available to Business and Consumers
Split your purchases ranging from £30 to £2,000 into three interest-free payments
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Flexible lease options over longer periods
Available on all products over £1000
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30 Day Payment Terms
30-day period to make payment, post-purchase
Available to businesses spending over £500 per month
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For Limited Companies


We are excited to announce that we are now accepting payments through IwocaPay, offering a flexible solution for financing your business purchases. 

Whether you're restocking supplies or investing in new equipment, IwocaPay provides a convenient way to spread the cost over time.

Pay in 3 Monthly Instalments Interest Free

This option allows you to split your payment into three equal monthly instalments, without incurring any interest. It's an excellent choice for handling routine or unexpected expenses efficiently.

Pay in 3 Monthly Instalments Interest Free

Pay in 12 Monthly Instalments at 3.33% 

For larger or more significant expenditures, the 'Pay in 12' option is available, enabling you to distribute the payment across 12 months at a nominal interest rate of 3.33%. This plan is particularly suitable for more considerable investments.

Pay in 12 Monthly Instalments at 3.33% 

How IwocaPay Works - Applying & Making Payments Is Easy

Navigating the payment process with IwocaPay is straightforward and user-friendly. Here's how it works:

  1. Shop and Checkout: Fill your basket with the needed items and proceed to checkout.
  2. Select Payment Method: After entering your billing details and reviewing your order, choose “iwocaPay - 3 or 12 Month Interest Free Payments” as your payment method.
  3. You’ll be directed to iwocaPay's secure site.
  4. Easy Sign-Up: If you don’t have an iwocaPay account, no worries. You can sign up in just five minutes, either before or during the purchase process. The sign-up requires basic information about your business and its director.
  5. Payment Schedule: Upon approval, your first payment is due in 30 days. This will be followed by either two or eleven more equal instalments, depending on the plan you choose. Payments are automated, but you have the flexibility to pay early without any hidden fees.
  6. Ongoing Access: Once your account is set up with iwoca, you can log in anytime to review your remaining credit limit, which is available for future orders, even if you're still making payments on a current purchase.

The Benefits of IwocaPay

IwocaPay isn't just a payment method; it's a business tool designed to enhance your purchasing power while offering significant benefits. Here’s why IwocaPay stands out as a smart choice for your business transactions:

High Spending Limit: You can use IwocaPay for orders up to £15,000, including VAT. This high limit ensures that even substantial purchases can be accommodated, making it ideal for a variety of business needs.

Dynamic Spending Limit: As you repay, your spending limit is replenished by the same amount. This revolving credit facility keeps your business agile, allowing for continuous investment in necessary resources.

No Upfront Costs: IwocaPay does not impose any initial fees, making it a cost-effective option for managing cash flow. This feature allows you to invest more in what matters most to your business without worrying about immediate financial strain.

Soft Credit Check: The credit check performed by IwocaPay is soft, meaning it won’t impact your credit score. This approach provides peace of mind, especially for businesses mindful of their credit health.

Instant Decision Making: Forget lengthy application processes. With IwocaPay, you get instant decisions at checkout, enabling you to access payment terms swiftly and efficiently.

Automated Payment Collection: The minimum monthly payment is automatically collected using the card registered with your account. This automation ensures timely payments and reduces administrative overhead.

Trusted by Thousands: Iwoca, the power behind IwocaPay, has garnered thousands of positive reviews on TrustPilot, reflecting its reliability and high customer satisfaction.

Separation of Service and Repayment: While your repayment plan is managed by IwocaPay, any customer service or equipment-related issues are handled by us. This separation ensures that you continue to receive the high levels of service you expect, with the financial aspect taken care of expertly by IwocaPay.


Here at Restaurant Supply Store, we also offer very flexible lease purchase options over longer periods on all products over £1000.

By choosing to lease, you're opting for a path that balances immediate needs with long-term financial health, ensuring that your business remains agile and equipped to meet the demands of the hospitality industry.

The Benefits of Purchase Leasing

Immediate Equipment Access: Order your equipment and have it operational exactly when you need it. This prompt service ensures that your business doesn't miss a beat, whether you're upgrading or responding to an unexpected need.

Preserve Your Capital: Leasing allows you to retain your capital, freeing up funds to invest in other critical areas of your business. This financial flexibility is key to sustaining and growing your operations in the competitive hospitality sector.

Tax Deductible: The total cost of your lease, including both the finance and equipment cost, is tax-deductible. This feature provides a fiscal advantage, reducing your overall tax burden and contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Low Upfront Cost: With minimal down payment required, leasing eases the strain on your cash flow. This approach enables you to acquire necessary equipment without the financial stress of a significant initial outlay.

Fixed Monthly Costs: Leasing offers the benefit of a fixed monthly expense, making budget planning more straightforward. Additionally, VAT is effectively deferred across your monthly payments, further easing immediate financial pressure.

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30 Day Payment Terms

Our 30 Day Payment option is designed to provide businesses with a 30-day period to make their payment post-purchase. 

This option is available to businesses spending over £500 per month with us and is particularly advantageous for managing cash flow, as it allows businesses to receive goods or services immediately while offering the flexibility to pay the invoice within a month; aligning well with the financial rhythms of the hospitality sector.

The Benefits of Our 30 Day Payment Option

Extended Payment Window: Benefit from the flexibility of a month-long period to align your purchases with your business's cash flow, aiding in smoother financial operations.

Operational Continuity:
Secure the necessary supplies or equipment right away and defer payment for 30 days, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

Creditworthiness: Regular use and timely repayment of these payment terms can positively influence your business’s credit history, supporting future financial endeavours.

Ease of Use: Our straightforward 30 Day Payment Terms process allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, easing the complexities of financial management.

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For Everyone

PayPal Pay in 3

PayPal's "Pay in 3" is an innovative payment solution that caters to both consumers and businesses. This option allows you to split your purchases ranging from £30 to £2,000 into three interest-free payments, providing a blend of flexibility and ease for managing finances.

PayPal Pay in 3

How PayPal in 3 Works

Using PayPal's "Pay in 3" is a seamless process, offering a quick and secure way to manage your payments. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it integrates into your purchasing experience:

Shop and Checkout: Fill your basket with the needed items and proceed to checkout. 

Select Payment Method: After entering your billing details and reviewing your order, choose “PayPal” as your payment method and ‘Checkout’. This action will trigger a PayPal popup window. Log into your PayPal account and Pay in 3 will be listed among the payment choices.

Quickly Apply: Once you select Pay in 3, you can quickly apply for this payment plan. The process is straightforward, offering an immediate decision. 

Payment Schedule: If you're approved, your purchase amount will be split into three equal payments. The first of these is due at the time of your purchase. Your next two payments will be scheduled on the same date for the following two months, directly through your PayPal account. Should your order date not align with the subsequent month’s calendar (like ordering on the 31st when the next month has only 30 days), the payment will be due on the last day of that month.

To keep you informed, PayPal will send reminders via email or text about your upcoming payments. Additionally, you can view your payment schedule and make extra payments anytime by logging into your PayPal account.

Follow this link for further information about Pay in 3.

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