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Helpful Tips For Social Distancing Restaurant Furniture

4 Nov 2020, 6:28 PM

Helpful tips for social distancing restaurant furniture

In an insecure and ever-changing world, ensuring that the hospitality sector operates following stringent safety guidelines is paramount. This is to not only safeguard customers, but also to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable when visiting your premises. Taking a review of your hotel furniture including your outdoor restaurant furniture is a good place to start.

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Keeping your business financially Healthy

The challenge the hospitality industry faces is keeping a good turnover, and this means maximising the use of space thatís available whilst ensuring that chairs and tables are kept apart by two metres. So we have put together some helpful examples to consider making your business Covid-19 secure and your customers happy.

Furniture for outdoors

It is a known fact that COVID-19 is less prevalent in open-air spaces, reducing the risk of transmission. Therefore, it seems a sensible and practical solution, to capitalise on using your outdoor space as a hospitality area, if it is possible. It is an opportunity to keep you and your customers safer.

It is still being researched as to how long Covid-19 can linger on various surfaces. However, research to date suggests that it can last on stainless steel and plastic for up to three days, and to a lesser extent on aluminium (only up to eight hours). Whilst it is extremely important to regularly clean your furniture as part of the COVID-19 safety precautions, do consider changing your outdoor restaurant furniture to aluminium chairs and tables.† They are weatherproof, easy to wipe down, provide great kerb appeal, and also reduce the chance of the virus clinging onto surfaces for long periods. Stainless steel tables and plastic chairs are an alternative solution.†

We have a fabulous selection of outdoor tables and outdoor chairs in both aluminium and stainless steel in a wide selection of styles that will not only add a pop of colour to your outdoor dining space but deliver on comfort and durability.

Furniture for indoors

It is also an opportunity to rethink and revamp your indoor dining area with alternative hotel furniture, such as bistro armchairs or stylish crystal chairs. They not only look simply fabulous, but are extremely practical too! They are really easy to wipe down and scratch-resistant. So if you need to stack them at any point in time, they will withstand the knocks and still look as good as new. Our protective screens are also perfect for dividing up your restaurant, theyíre subtle and designed to seamlessly adapt to your decor.

Making an investment in hotel furniture thatís easy to wipe down, durable, yet very stylish is a practical way forward. Now is the right time to rethink your dining spaces. Breath new life into your dining spaces, and above all else, operate in the knowledge that you have taken every precaution to keep your customers safe and happy, so they will return time and time again.

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