Housewife & Oxford: Pillowcases Explained

Housewife & Oxford: Pillowcases Explained

For those of you wishing to establish which style of pillowcases your hotel requires, here is a simple guide:

Housewife Pillowcases

The housewife style of pillowcase is perhaps what one would consider to be ‘regular’ or ‘standard’; it is the type most commonly seen in the home. Put simply, Housewife-style pillowcases are straightforward rectangular pillowcases, without adornments on the edging. They fit snugly around the pillows themselves, and are the widespread of the two varieties.

Hotel owners and housekeepers seek these for an unobtrusive style, to fit in with their existing look, or to avoid drawing focus away from the rest of their décor.

Oxford Pillowcases

The distinguishing feature of a housewife pillowcase is the fabric border around the outside, for decorative effect. They are usually a little baggier in fit than the Housewife variety This makes it the pillowcase of choice for hotel rooms of a more elegant style.

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