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The Ultimate Catering Appliance Guide

12 Jul 2023, 4:54 PM

The Ultimate Catering
Appliance Guide

A commercial kitchen installation requires a great deal of planning. Appliances have to be positioned to make the best use of the available space, ensuring a comfortable, efficient workflow. Setting up a restaurant kitchen is a long-term investment in terms of finance and time, so choosing the most suitable professional catering equipment is essential. It should provide years of reliable service while conforming to stringent health and safety regulations.

Benefits Of Catering Appliances for Restaurant Kitchens

Professional catering equipment is built to a much higher standard than domestic kitchen appliances. A commercial restaurant kitchen is a busy working environment where intense heat and heavy-duty usage are prime factors. Professional appliances are generally large, extremely robust and designed to provide consistent performances throughout daily usage.

Although commercial catering equipment is often more expensive, it has many significant advantages. The equipment is suitable for constant, long-term use. Appliances such as refrigerators have powerful compressors and additional insulation, ensuring they can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Professional catering equipment is fast and efficient at processing and cooking large quantities of ingredients. It significantly helps reduce the time spent on food preparation, improving the speed at which dishes are delivered to customers.

High-performance catering appliances contribute to food safety, preparation and presentation. Equipment is often manufactured from high grade stainless steel that's hygienic and easy to clean. The best commercial equipment helps restaurants establish an excellent reputation, bringing a positive return on investment.

Food Prep Machines

Food preparation requires as much space as possible. Choosing versatile food prep machines that can perform multiple actions such as slicing, grating and emulsifying saves on space and time. Many machines include several cutting discs and feature variable speeds.

Specialised equipment such as dough mixers and rollers usually include safety guards, suction feet for stability, and adjustable heights. Peelers and chippers spare kitchen staff the drudgery of potato preparation while ensuring chefs have a ready supply of ingredients. The wide range of food prep appliances means equipment is tailored to suit every type of commercial kitchen.

Display Fridges and Freezers

Restaurants and fast food outlets usually have display fridges and freezers for chilling a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. On constant display, they need to combine aesthetic good looks with a reliable cooling system that compensates for the doors being frequently opened. Glass doors and integral LED lighting make the cabinets attractive.

Fridges include CFC-free, ozone-friendly foam injection for improved thermal insulation. Reverse ducted compressor fans ensure a reliable performance while reducing dust collection, helping to improve energy-efficiency. Cabinets are available in a range of heights and widths. Freezers for displaying and serving ice cream usually include cabinets of anodised aluminium and sliding glass lids to conserve the temperature. Removable tubs and automatic defrost ensure hygiene and maintenance routines are quick and easy.

Servery and Display Machines

Displaying food in self-service cabinets such as salad bars is always appetising for customers. Features include a choice of cabinet design and finish, different sizes, overhead lighting and easy to remove containers.

Ice cream dispensers are available in a range of table-top and free-standing machines. They usually include ambient temperature regulation and hygienic, automatic cleaning. Food warmers equipped with drawers or shelves are particularly useful in commercial kitchens, especially when preparing for the busiest times of the day. Units can be inbuilt or free-standing, and often include castors for easy mobility.

Beverage Machines

Commercial beverage machines include efficient appliances for dispensing all types of beverages from ice cold slush drinks to sophisticated espresso coffee. Hot water dispensers are ideal for instantly boiling a set amount of water for making tea and other drinks, saving energy in the process.

Many machines are capable of dispensing high quantities of at least thirty litres of water per hour. Dedicated coffee machines often perform multiple functions, from grinding coffee beans to serving, complete with fresh milk. Some feature automatic, daily self-cleaning, effortlessly maintaining hygiene while saving time.

Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Every restaurant's reputation is built on the cleanliness of its crockery and glassware. Dishwashers and glasswashers are an essential part of maintaining hygiene. Today's undercounter machines include a powerful operation with easy-to-use, super-fast cycles that can last from just one to three minutes. They ensure there is always a supply of freshly washed dishes. Many dishwashers are insulated for noise reduction and include essential maintenance features such as self-cleaning and integral water softeners to reduce the build up of limescale. Commercial glasswashers can wash approximately 1,000 large glasses per hour. To keep glasses sparkling like new, commercial glass polishers can buff around 350 glasses an hour without the need of polishing agents.

Ice Machines

Ice is an essential ingredient for many cool drinks and cocktails. Ice machines can produce individual cubes at the rate of approximately 70 kilograms every twenty-four hours, ensuring even the busiest restaurant never runs out of ice.

They usually include large, chilled storage compartments to prevent ice melting. The range also includes versatile ice crushers for effortless drinks presentation.

Cooking Equipment

Traditional cooking equipment ranges are powered by gas or electricity and are large and robust. They usually have six or eight-burner hobs and spacious ovens with multiple shelves that can easily accommodate large batches of food.

There is an enormous selection of specialised cooking equipment such as pizza ovens, griddles, toasters and commercial rice cookers. Free-standing upright steam ovens include perforated shelves for steaming large batches of food.


Blenders are perfect for whisking, smoothie-making and turning ingredients into sauces or puree. There is a wide choice of blenders that can produce individual servings or batches.

The range includes hand-held stick blenders, machines for making milk shakes and gadgets for mixing cocktails.


An essential piece of equipment for maintaining economical food supplies is a commercial freezer. It provides long-term storage of inexpensive ingredients bought in bulk, and for holding pre-prepared sauces and dishes. Seasonal fresh foods can also be frozen for use at a later date instead of them going to waste.

Moderately sized freezers are suitable for fitting under counters or into narrow gaps. For particularly large restaurants, the walk-in freezer room offers the ultimate in food storage. Features include tiered shelving, insulated panels, energy-efficient LED lighting and doors that can be locked.


Many fresh foods such as dairy products, salad vegetables, and raw and cooked meat require chilling in a commercial fridge to prevent bacteria developing. High-density insulation ensures that the fridges maintain an ambient temperature regardless of the kitchen's prolonged, excessive heat.

There are commercial fridges available in a variety of useful configurations including tall cabinets, undercounter models and those that double as food preparation stations. Walk-in fridges offer vast storage areas for the busiest commercial kitchens. They usually feature LED lighting, racks, shelves and adjustable thermostats.

Blast Chillers

Food preparation is an important aspect of an efficient, well-organised restaurant kitchen. Foods such as roast meats can be cooked in advance, but to significantly reduce the risk of harmful bacteria developing, they must be chilled as quickly as possible.

Blast chillers are ideal as they use waves of cold air moving at speed to reduce the temperature in a very short space of time. It even maintains the just cooked quality of the food, helping roasts to stay succulent. The food can then be stored in a fridge or freezer until it is required.

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