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The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant & Bar Glassware

16 Jun 2017, 5:20 PM

The Ultimate Guide To
Restaurant & Bar Glassware

In an ever expanding world of beer, cocktails and spirits, it can be difficult to distinguish which drink goes in which glass! Many people will tell you that this isn't important, but getting it right is crucial for enhancing the drinking experience.

Here we guide you through the various styles and their true purpose behind your bar:

Shot, Shooter & Bomber Glasses

Shot glasses are used typically for one measure of spirit, shooter glasses can be used for a mix of spirits (Shot-Tails) and the bomber glass is a pre made lowball with a built in shot glass for the popular 'Jagerbomb' to be enjoyed from!

Beer Glass

The Stemmed Beer Glass Designed to maintain a head, The Stemmed Beer Glass has a wide mouth for larger sips. Perfect for strong, red or pale ales.

The Pilsner Glass

Representative of the trumpet, Pilsner Glasses are perfect for enhancing the sparkling colours, clarity and carbonation of Pilsner beers.

The Tankard Glass

The Tankard Glass is ideal for bitter, stout and amber beers. The exterior handle prevents your hand from warming the beer.

The Highball Glass

Although great for soft drinks and mixed drinks, The Hi Ball Glass is also the greatest setting for a shaken cocktail like the Long Island Iced Tea allowing for plenty of ice and garnish.

The Lowball Glass

Also known as the 'Rocks' Glass or the 'Old Fashioned' Glass. This one is best used for serving tan spirits such as Whiskey with ice cubes.

The Martini Glass 

The V-shape helps to keep ingredients mixed just the way you like them. Shaken or Stirred? You decide...

Brandy & Cognac Glasses

Also known as the Balloon Glass, this type of glass is best used not only for Brandy, but also for serving the perfect Gin & Tonic. The large surface areas allows for more bubbles and therefore a heightened aroma!

Coffee Glasses

Coffee Glasses Who knew there were different types of Coffee Glasses? For Irish Coffee or Coffee Cocktails use a tall, stemmed glass, for Latte's choose a flute style glass and for Americano and Cappuccino drinks use a barrel coffee glass.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses have more use than you'd think. Use a traditional 'Flute' to preserve the bubbles of sparkling wines, a 'Tulip' glass to collect the floral aromas of Prosecco and Rose, and choose a 19050's 'Coupe' design to enhance the taste of sweet sparkling wines.

The Hurricane Glass

 If you're looking for a 'look at me' glass, this is the one. Used most commonly for fruity cocktails, The Hurricane Glass is one of the toughest glasses on the market, making it perfect for busy bars and restaurants.

Margarita Glasses

Undoubtedly the 'Party' of all glasses. With a base shaped like a sombrero, the Margarita Glass enhances the scents of lime and tequila to heighten the drinking experience and has recently become the popular choice for serving Daiquiri's too.

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